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All of our translations can be sworn

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These prices are estimates and are provided for indicative purposes only. For an accurate quotation, please use the form available online. We also handle other languages on request... please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We provide translation services tailored to every need. 
General and specialised translations (= drafting, editing, proofreading) in over 25 languages.

All of our translations can be SWORN:
A sworn translation is a translation that a translator who has sworn an oath before the Court of Justice certifies to be true to the original, by adding a statement to the effect that it is a true and correct translation of the original, and by affixing his/her official seal, followed by the date and his/her signature.

For sworn translations intended for foreign markets, depending on the country, the administration and the nature of the document, other formalities may apply (apostilles, certification before a notary public, etc.). We can handle these additional formalities on your behalf.

Your Eurotraduc customer space

To facilitate the management of your translations, Eurotraduc provides you with your online personal space. This secure space, which can be accessed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, is completely FREE, and allows you to:

  • create a new job,
  • submit the source files for translation,
  • download translated documents,
  • download and store your invoices,
  • communicate with us directly without having to send e-mails.

There are many advantages of this system compared with the transmission of e-mails and/or postal mail:

  • the information on your jobs is presented in a clear and understandable manner,
  • you can keep a history of the jobs achieved and thus find information or a file quickly without having to browse through numerous e-mails,
  • in the event of personnel changes at your company (whether permanent or temporary), the new employee has access to the previous job history as well as jobs in progress without having to search through the mail box of his/her predecessor,
  • a space that can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

Your customer space is not of course intended to replace human interaction, but rather to provide a supportive environment for the effective management of your translations.

Examples of sectors and documents handled

Financial translation:

  • accounts and annual reports, investment fund prospectuses,
  • bank forms, financial and economic reports,
  • stock market documents, etc.

Commercial and technical translation:

  • websites, commercial contracts,
  • brochures and operating instructions etc,

Legal translation:

  • contracts, notarial deeds, civil liability documents,
  • pleadings, judgments, divorce documents, reasoned opinions,
  • summons, judicial rulings, attachments,
  • articles of association, powers of attorney,
  • adoption files, etc.
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