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All of our translations can be sworn

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We provide translation services tailored to every need.
General and specialised translations (= drafting, editing, proofreading) in over 25 languages.

All of our translations can be SWORN:
A sworn translation is a translation that a translator who has sworn an oath before the Court of Justice certifies to be true to the original, by adding a statement to the effect that it is a true and correct translation of the original, and by affixing his/her official seal, followed by the date and his/her signature.

For sworn translations intended for foreign markets, depending on the country, the administration and the nature of the document, other formalities may apply (apostilles, certification before a notary public, etc.). We can handle these additional formalities on your behalf.

Examples of sectors and documents handled

Translation of administrative and official documents such as:

  • birth, death and divorce certificates
  • trading permits
  • police records, diplomas
  • CVs, medical reports
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